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Paris Fashion Week, the cream of the crop of fashion month and the time all fashion insiders and influencers have been waiting for, has begun. The serious collections are walking the runway and it's hard to keep up with all the excitement, beauty, and innovation. Two of my favorite collections so far are from ladylike but quirky labels Dries Van Noten and Rochas. Belgian designer Van Noten has been praised for ages, and Rochas has been thriving in France for even longer, more recently with Alessandro Dell'acqua pulling the reins as creative director.
I was blown away by the odd femininity of these two collections, and the unique ways they used texture, print, and layering to create strangely beautiful garments.

Old-School Prints, Made New

Both labels used traditional prints like brocade and florals that could lean in a mature direction, had they been used in the expected manner. Dries Van Noten mixed prints throughout his collection, combining traditional prints like brocade to make something quirky and bold. On the other hand, Dell'acqua let each print speak for itself rather than mixing them, but he elevated them to a fresh and modern place by layering embellishment over the print and using old-fashion brocades on very new and young silhouettes.

Layering Textures

Though the collections were for the warmer months of spring and summer, both Dries Van Noten and Rochas revealed collections full of layering. Between actual layering of garments and of the odd combinations of embellishment, their layers ranged from the minute to the large scale. Both designers put heavy brocade over sheer silk, thick ruffles over tiny sequins, and carefully-placed beads to add intricacy to already-interesting pieces.

Sheer But Not Too Sweet

Both Dries Van Noten and Rochas had looks walk the runway with dreamy sheer overlay. Despite the girly and delicate associations with sheer and floaty garments, both designers stayed away from a saccharine place by layering sheer over bold graphics and patterns.

Layering Bra Tops

Both labels took the bra top, something stereotypically sexy, and toned it down by layering it in odd ways and reworking it in unexpected fabrics, like Rochas' vinyl bra. They proved the bustier bra and bralette are key pieces to keep around, so long as you're willing to do some bold layering.
@marshalledgar the combination of fabrics are definitely strange in many of the runway looks! A love it or hate it kind of thing. I think the difference between you and I is that I love the boxy and masculine styles! But I've also noticed the lack of delicate and feminine silhouettes as well.
thanks for the tag @Gavriella while I am loving the colors, textures, prints...I am struggling with the combination of fabrics. However, my biggest disappointment with MANY of the collections this season is how masculine and boxy the fashions that have been presented.
@marshalledgar I don't know about you, but these two collections impressed me far more than those of Prada and Pucci. Would love to hear what you think!
@Gavriella lol that's true, we have different aesthetic tastes. I am loving the luxe that's coming out of the middle east. a lot of young designers are creating feminine silhouettes out of the most elegant and detailed fabrics. couture, mostly