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Here we go....
I'M SO CONFUSED!! Best Friend: GD (let's fall in love...?) Crush: TOP (...or have a 3some?) Secret Admirer: Taeyang (that's nice) Takes You Out: TOP (Oppa noticed me!) Takes You On Weekend Cruise: TOP (Oppa yes please!!) Have Children With: TAEYANG!? (HOW DID THIS HAPPEN?!? WAS I DRUNK!??!) Boyfriend: SEUNGRI?!?! (...THE F**K DID YOU COME FROM!?!?) Jealous One: TOP! (of course!! Who could blame him after all the cash he spent on my ass!!) Writes A Love Song For Me: Taeyang... (...why?) Hudband: Taeyang... (I guess I'm in this for the long haul...) PLAY THE GAME AND HAVE YOUR FANTASY LIFE RUINED TOO!! (thanks @AimeeH )
Lol this had me rolling on the floor!! Seungri came out of nowhere
@Marilovexoxo Hensel the first picture I used in this card! *continues sitting in sexual frustration*
I know i know i understand GD is pretty much life! Just think of it this way GD & taeyang are bffs so being married to taeyang You get to hang out with GD everyday lol
@Marilovexoxo BUT I WANTED GD!!! *sobs*
lol i love this! sucks you didnt get to marry top but atleast he spoiled you and you get his hot jealous side haha