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This is totally ridiculous and I should proabbly get used to it but whenever I see Ravi, im reminded of Baro and vice versa. When I first heard Ravi, I honestly thought he was Baro and after seeing him in GR8U I was convinced it was Baro because he lookes so similar to the b1a4 rapper. Even now they seem alike to me. Even their voices sound similar. Their style of rapping is also quite the same. The way I see these two so as to not confuse myaelf is that Baro is cute and Ravi is sexy. Maybe its just me. I dunno....I just wanted to know if any of u guys had a similar feeling when you first saw the two rappers.
I mean take a look at this picture...
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Lol can't deny it when you have a picture. I never really noticed until now..
I saw the comparison between them awhile ago and it still baffles me how much they look the same... No complaints though. They both are amazingggg. :)
@StephanieDuong couldn't agree more. they're both talented rappers
I started listening to vixx first and when I first looked into B1A4 I was like does Ravi have a twin??? I love them both tho.
I noticed that too when I first started listening to them ( B1A4 and a week later VIXX) My first thought was "are they twins?". I had to look it up to prove to myself that they weren't ... Lol