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I played this already. Twice actually because I screwed up the first time, lol. If you want to see that card, click here. This card is specifically for me to write out the story piece for my results. Enjoy! Oh! @AimeeH

Official Storytime with BTS

I was a tutor for this group of boys. They all had a tendency to get themselves in trouble for various things. They knew each other through a club or some group out of school, relating to music I believe, but I was there to assist with English. This kid, Namjoon, was there to help as well. I was more like his assistant since he was fluent in English, Korean, and Japanese. Now, all these boys were around my age. Only one of them was my age and one older while all the rest were younger. Nothing wrong with that, right? Well, I got a crush on one of my students. Hoseok needed a good amount of help in English, like extra help since he goofed off so much during our study sessions. I helped him since he was a sweet kid. Taehyung became my best friend out of the bunch though. He would whine and pout whenever I was spending more time with Hoseok because he wanted to go get ice cream or something. For a kid that could glare the pants off of just about anyone, he was actually a really innocent boy. I didn't realize it at first, but he whined a lot because he wanted to be more than friends with me. He accidentally let it slip when he showed me his notebook once in his attempt to explain why my name was all over the margins of notebook. I decided to give him a chance. It wasn't like I was an actual teacher so we weren't crossing boundaries. It's nice to hear him say "noona," by the way. That's what really won me over to be his girlfriend. Things were fine and happy between us until he caught Hoseok kiss me. That my first kiss. It made things so much worse when I started getting little gifts and notes on my desk in the room where we studied together. Once Taehyung and I broke up, Yoongi came up to me and admitted that he was secret admirer. After dating for some time, we ended up getting married. Jungkook became my best friend when Taehyung decided to kind of ignore my existence. He was best friends with Taehyung as well, so it was a love-hate relationship but we were on good terms nonetheless. He was a weird best mate, always wanting to make videos with me, but I obliged because he was good people. Thankfully, things between Hoseok and I had never escalated because his father ended up marrying my mom and, hello, new step-brother. The fact that we both had our first kiss with one another made things awkward from time to time and caused some tension between us but not enough to ruin a good relationship with him. Plus, my husband didn't mind our relationship either. ♡
@AmbieB no problem at all dear! I don't want you to miss out
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@AmbieB that's all that matters is that you have fun!!
@AimeeH I'm glad you enjoyed it. I think I really have too much fun with these. Lol @jessicalnichols I look forward to it. :D
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