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Big Bang Screenshot Results (^ω^)
Best Friend: T.O.P. (I'm happy with that ~^o^~) Crush: T.O.P. (He is handsome ♥) Secret Admirer: GDRAGON (>//<) Takes Me Out: Taeyang (I wouldn't even hesitate HELL YEAH Umnf His fine ass just God Damn!!!!) Takes Me On A Weekend Cruise: Taeyang (How sweet of you Oppa you must like me then >//<) Have Children With: Seungri(We will have beautiful hapa babies!!!) Boyfriend: Taeyang(See I knew you liked me you asked me out (*^-^*) ) Jealous One: Daesung (You should of asked me out before Taeyang Oppa....I would of said yes (^_~) ) Writes A Love Song For Me: GDRAGON (OMG!!! *cries*) Husband: GDRAGON (He swept me off my feet. He rapped how much he loves every feature of me. How much he was in love with me so I broke up with Taeyang and married GDRAGON.....They don't really talk anymore....I came in between best friends I feel really bad for it x_x ) @AimeeH Thanks so much for making these I can live my fantasy for a few minutes with my oppas ♥
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