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5. Ushio's Death! - Clannad After Story @NerukaWong and @poojas tagged me to do this challenge! These are my Top 5 saddest and cutest anime scenes! Everyone who has watched Clannad After Story knows that it is very sad, and I think Ushio's Death was the saddest scene from this anime. I cry everytime I watch it.
4. Kisshu's Death! - Tokyo Mew Mew I loved this character from beginning to end because he seemed more like a frenemy than an enemy. He even risks his life trying to help Ichigo and the other Mew's but loses. I bawled so hard watching it, and I just watched it and I still cried!
3. Future Lucy Death! - Fairy Tail This is the saddest Fairy Tail scene in my opinion, it always makes me cry when Happy starts to cry and when Future Lucy shows that she doesn't have the guild mark anymore!
2. Kagome Hugs Inuyasha! - Inuyasha This is my favorite Inuyasha and Kagome moment, I had to include at least one scene from my favorite anime. It's the funniest thing when Koga and Inuyasha fight over Kagome, I love it so much!
1. Takumi and Misaki Kiss #2! - Kaichou Wa Maid-sama This is my favorite romance anime, it makes me smile and laugh all the time, so many cute moments and this is by far my favorite anime kiss, it's #1! I love that Takumi blushes in it because he rarely gets flustered infront of Misaki. But this is such a cute scene and the kiss is in a perfect setting while they are dressed like Romeo and Juliet! I will tag these 5 people @FrankilliMambo @BFP1916 @sherrysahar @chandnip804 @DanRodriguez Have fun and make sure to tag 5 people!
Both scenes where Nagisa and Ushio died... I bawled my eyes out. Absolutely love, love, love Clannad and Clannad: After Story.
Ahhhh Maid Sama!!!! <3 <3
that Ushio scene killed me.
awwww! And I agree! Kisshu's death really was sad....
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