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Two Videos in one day , because who needs time to recover from one lets throw two out there lol
Once again Bobby is killing me , don't get me wrong they are all cuties but Bobby is the one for me. (dont worry Jiyong is still my soulmate) Bobby just makes my soul happy haha why you may ask
im trying so hard to like ikon because it took them a while to debut and they deserve sucsess.. but it just Doesn't mix well.. The rappers are too powerful for the vocal line... YG didnt know how to market them.. The rap line should just be a duo so they dont over shadow the vocal. idk its judt my opinion.. This one song far is the only one I've liked
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@prettieeemm I agree! They are all talented but Bobby and B.I. should just be a duo because they over power the others . you can see it the most in Rhythm Ta , Idk his name but the one with strawberry blonde hairs voice is good but its completely overshadowed
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@Marilovexoxo yes definitely.. the rest just seem like background voices to the rappers.. im afraid they'll end up resenting Bobby and B.I
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The end of this video... .-.
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