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Ok. So I was good friends with all of BigBang but my Bestie was Top. Seungri had a Crush on me but sadly I didn't see him that way. I mysteriously started to receive flowers, chocolates and love letters from a Secret Admirer who turned out to be the fashionable GD. Taeyang wanted to make the get GD step up his game so he Asks Me Out To Dinner in front of him. GD did get jealous so he decides to Take Me On A Weekend Cruise. Daesung and I had a past where I came out pregnant and we Had Kids but it didn't work out so we decided to remain friends. Taeyang, still trying to help out his best buddy GD, claims he is my Boyfriend but it's not really true. Seungri got the news of me and Taeyang being together and became very Jealous since i only saw him as a friend. Taeyang wanting to take it a step further, Writes Me A Love Song. Eventually GD cracks and Proposes To Me. I of course said yes and lived happily with my G-Dragon!!!!!
@wllmvns @AimeeH @kmeier230 Here are my results and story for the BigBang Screenshot Game. I fangirled so bad when I saw the results.
a cruise with GD whos your secret admirer and marriage thats perfect lol
@wllmvns @Marilovexoxo I know!!!! I thought the story was creative and different. Especially Taeyang's parts.
Lol I can see why. I love ur story too :)
@glostick this is awesome!! I'm so glad everyone is not getting trolled like seriously. Haha! I love this! Thank you ^●^