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*Me when I saw my results* I'm in a K-Drama... Scroll down and see if you agree!! *Warning its kinda long*
So GD and I have been best friends for life!!! Sounds like loads of fun :) We must be really close too
I've had a crush on him since I first saw him. His smile gives me butterflies every time >.<
But what I don't realize is that my best friend is in the same situation as me... Lol love triangle much??
Seungri is go-to guy. He's always there when GD is away. I tell him about my secrets and problems in my life <3
I was in one of my darkest moments because Daesung had rejected me. I lashed out at everyone, even my best friend(GD). Seungri immediately realized the situation and suggested a trip to make me feel better :)
He confessed his love to me and emotions ran too high than expected. It was sudden to say the least. But was it just emotions or was it genuine? Either way I have no regrets..
Then he entered my life and I couldn't resist my dream. I've had a crush on him for so long and I finally had the chance. I hate myself even when GD says he doesn't..
Not always a good thing since GD always comes over and hang out with me. But I know he's just worried. Its kinda cute.
Everyday when he visits he brings a new one and performs it for me. They're always so sweet. But he can't be doing this.. I'm starting to get feelings again. Bad ones
Everyone was there including GD. I asked him to walk me down the aisle. He smile was so heartwarming to see but somehow it seemed distant and forced. I had to unhook our arms when we got to the end... All that was left.. was to say "I Do" So why wasn't I saying it. I stole a glance at GD, my best friend and at Daesung, my boyfriend and crush.. I listened to Seungri advice in my head, "Do what makes you heart the happiest.." With that in mind I took a deep breath and said....

TO BE CONTINUED?? So how'd u like it?? Please share your results too. I wanna know!!

Lol you girls are crazy. I'll have part two up by tomorrow night. Get comfortable my peeps!! And save some snacks for me
*sits next to @Marilovexoxo*
*brings blankets so we can get comfy and listen to the rest of the story*
Lol i knew this would be your reaction to it @Marilovexoxo @adikiller I will definitely finish it. This is the first time I've ever written something like this lol!!
This is the perfect love story GD is your bff , secret admirer , The father of your children who would be gorgeous angels, he wrote you a love song and walks you down the isle to marry someone else!!! That is why you cant say i do lol you definitely need to finish this because we all know you cannot say I do to Daesung when you have the most amazing man GD right there and again you got to have kids with him that is an honor haha
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