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Sorry if I do this wrong y'all but this is my first time making my card on here. Anyway, after seeing the card @AmbieB made about the BTS screenshot game I decided to get in on the fun. Just so y'all know, this will be my first time seeing the results too so idk what to expect.
Crush: Jimin Best Friend: Rap Monster Boyfriend: J-Hope First Kiss: Jin Secret Admirer: Jimin Husband: V Hater: Suga Love & Hate Relationship: V Weirdo: Jin Brother: Jungkook
As you can see, both my crush and secret admirer are Jimin. That is so cute! And V. He's my husband but apparently we have a love/hate relationship. Good thing J-Hope is my boyfriend then. Then we got Suga hating (probably because I hot the Sunshine Crew on lock and key, lol!). I can totes see Rap Monster as my best friend and Jungkook as my brother. As for Jin, the weirdo that took my first kiss. I wonder what makes him so weird, it's probably his foodie personality. Like maybe he tries to force feed me and that's why he's weird. Idk, but he took my first kiss so he can't be that bad. Haha. Overall, this was definitely a fun game and I enjoyed thinking of a little scenario to fit the results. @MorganElisabeth
@ChelseaJay Yes, I understand that dear. To each their own. Yes I definitely recommend Beast and Cross Gene. I don't know anything about red velvet, so we're good there! Like i said everyone is entitled to their own opinion ^●^ I fell in love with the album as well! Those are two of my favorite songs by them. That's true, everyone's taste is different, and that's perfectly fine. ^●^
@ChelseaJay there's nothing wrong with being multifandom! I am too! I love Got7 BTS and exo! Also others, Beast, vixx and crossgene. Yes, I agree that girls generation is good! Those are all good groups.
I'm mostly multifandom music wise. my mains currently are got7, bts, exo & day6. i can't choose a fav girl group cause they're all so amazing but girls' generation and girl's day rock my world. hehehe and SHINee is always on my bias list along with HyunA.
@ChelseaJay awe that's awesome!! Yes this is an amazing app with alot of amazing people! I'm glad you're enjoying it! Do you have a favorite group?
@AimeeH yes it is, I just downloaded the vingle app a few weeks ago and I silently read but now I'm participating and it's really fun.
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