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Are you ready for candy corn mania? I am obsessed with those cute little sugar snacks! Like, you have no idea!
I found this really cute and easy DIY from The Swell Designer, online, and thought it would be perfect to add some Fall colors to the dining table without being overtly "Halloween", as some people do not celebrate the holiday. This design keeps it Autumnal and festive without being Halloween-y.

Supplies Needed:

Glass vases (different shapes and sizes)
Spray paint (white, orange and yellow)
1. Spray the bottles with white base paint and let dry. (1-2 coats)
2. Spray orange at the center of the bottles and let dry. (1-2 coats)
3. Spray yellow at the bottom of the glasses and let dry. (1-2 coats)
Pretty awesome vases, right? So cute! So easy! So cheap, too!
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