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So of course i was late to the 2pm party ( i was too caught up on Taecyeon for years i didn't even bother to check out the group he was in) but I seriously love this group and i have been watching all there videos and crazy thing is Ive seen Nickhyun a million times and didn't know he was in this group either! These videos besides the actual MV for this song seriously killed me! especially the eye contact version , Jun.k's eyes were the reason i instantly fell hard for him they are hypnotizingly gorgeous! Taecyeon will forever be my number one in the group but Jun.k really knows how to kill a girl!
Look at him! those eyes , that jawline , him! And Idk we have the same birthday so i think Its pretty safe to say that were meant to be together. :)
Taecyeon you're still my #1 2pm love :)
I totally get you. For the longest time i was one of those people that can only listen to one group and if i listen to another i thought i was betraying my group. But like i listen to one of got7 song and the rest was history. and I seriously just started listening to 2pm lol My house is one of my favorite songs at the moment.
@SusiBosshammer yeah lol except for me its weird i found Taecyeon when I saw his pic randomly somewhere 2 years ago and loved him ever since , I just never knew he was in 2pm because I was so caught up on him I didnt even bother, same with Exo they were the first group I got into but because I was soo caught up on chanyeol (my ub of the group) I didnt even bother learning the other members but once I did forget it I love all 12 of those losers. but I agree I used to feel so bad when I listen to other groups besides bigbang lol but got7 , bts and a million other amazing groups and bobby came along and I just decided that my heart is big enough to love all the groups