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I would like to say that I am totally PSYCHED but after last season I am almost scared to get my hopes up. I am sure we can all agree that American Horror Story Freak Show was WEAKKKK! It had some really sick parts, and yet no real plot line. So to get myself super hype for American Horror Story Hotel and the amazing Lady Gaga lets go back to the better seasons, to which I will talk about in order from my favorite to least favorite because duh that just makes sense.


1. American Horror: Story Asylum

This was the most fucked up, sick, mind blowing, and just over all insane seasons yet! The flash back and present day stories fucked me up hard core. Then there was the aliens, the nazi, the possession, and the all around creepy feel to the asylum, I LOVED IT! Each story line had a well thought out plot (except maybe the aliens) and can I just say Sister Jude was FLAWLESS!

2. American Horror Story: Coven

Okay, okay, I had to rewatch this one to really appreciate how amazing it was but I am so glad I did. The whole coven had amazing one liners, I loved the head bitches in charge feel, and the idea of magic in New Orleans has always just seemed so real and believable to me. Oh and the characters again were perfectly developed.

3. American Horror Story: Murder House

I actually might have watched this one after Coven (weird I know) but it was super good! Total mind fuck that Violet was actually dead and then they all died and the baby was Tates baby so it was pretty much Satan. Oh and Tate was a total smoke show.

4. American Horror Story: Freak Show

BLAH BLAH BLAH had no plot line, killed off the only interesting character (the horrifying clown) in the first few episodes, had no character development. It seemed to just be looking for shock value. #overit.
So lets hope Ryan Murphy pulls out all the stops to make up for the horror that was the 4th season! So tune in to FX next week to find out!

Let me know which season you liked the best!

I seriously need to nerd out about this show.

@nicolejb and @alywoah that's so funny that both of you couldn't get through them! I would try watching the third one ... It's way more awesome one liners then super sick and twisted shit (although there is a few cray moments) and its an awesome story line !!
Omg omg it's next week! Ahh YES thank you for the reminder. @Nicolejb I am with you. The one with the insane asylum, I couldn't finish the season. It was way too much for me.
Truthfully I only watched the second season because I really liked the idea of the witches. But the rest of the seasons were too weird for me (I know I know I’m a baby). haha I am interested to see how this one goes though!