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Look at this spectacular white Halloween pumpkin that's been decked out with candy corn colored crayon wax! I am in love! My mom and I are heading to the dollar store to get crayons galore for this! Y'all are going to be so jealous when you see our tricked out Halloween party! Woot! Woot!

Supplies Needed:

– white pumpkin
– orange and yellow crayons (already unwrapped)
– tacky Glue
– a hair dryer
– newspapers or poster board
NOTE: This project can be messy. Put some newspapers down or poster board.
1. At the top of the pumpkin, around the stem, put a bit of glue.
2. Press the crayons into the glue to set.
3. Using the hottest setting on your hair dryer, melt the crayon wax so that it drips down the sides.
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I love love love this idea! especially since my two year old can totally do this :)