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Think of this as a choose-your-own-adventure zombie survival game, where your teammates are idols and your only goal is to survive the month with as many team mates left 'human' as possible.
Here's what you need to do:
1. Create a card (and put "Zombie Survival Squad" in the title!) or just leave your list of teammates in the comments on this card.
2. I'll tag you in your first challenge this Friday!

How to create your team:

You need 6 team members from any need one for each category:
1. The Muscle
2. The Brains
3. The Scaredy Cat
4. The Secret Weapon
5. The Protector/Mother
6. The Co-Captain
(Leave your list in the comments or your own card!)
There will be 10 challenges you'll face with your team.

May the best Zombie Survival Squad win.

You can see my team below^^

1. The Muscle

Dongjun from ZE:A - He's strong, fast, and nice to look at.

2. The Brains

Mino from WINNER - He's the brains of the operation and his first priority is always his team.

3. The Scaredy Cat

Hoya from Infinite - He's tough when we need him to be, but he definitely has his limits.

4. The Secret Weapon

Jungkook from BTS - Of course the golden maknae is my secret weapon!

5. The Protector

Baro from B1A4 - He's the ultimate older brother who always puts his team members before himself. He'll take a bullet for you.

6. The Co-Captain

Hyorin from Sistar - Together we run the show and call the shots.
Add your team list below or tag me in your card.

May the best team win!

ahh I love October ^_^ I need to think about this carefully Lol!!
1) The muscle would be Hongbin from Vixx because he got them bad and them muscles 2) The brains would be Rapmonster from bts because he's a genius 3) The scaredy cat would be Tao from exo because seriously watch any video of him and you'll see why 4) The secret weapon would be woozi from Seventeen because he is so small no one would expect it and he is really good with a guitar 5)The protector would be JB from Got7 because he cares about everyone 6) The co-captian would be Onew from Shinee because he is a great Leader and he is awesome!
1.Daesang 2.Rapmon 3.Lee Kwangsoo 4.CL 5.Tao 6.Amber
I may be late, but I haven't read the challenges yet, so I'm still gonna participate. :3 1. Muscle: Xiumin of EXO, because have you seen him arm wrestling the other members though. He made them all look like smol squids in comparison :P 2. Brains: Suho of EXO, this man is smart as heck and he would be very helpful on a team! 3. Scaredy Cat: Daesung of Bigbang, If you've seen him in the haunted house and you know how entertaining that was to watch then you know why I picked him. xD 4. Secret Weapon: Luhan of EXO, He may look like a 12 year old boy, but that man can run. I'll bet you anything that he can put up a good fight too :P 5. Protector/Mama: Jin of BTS, because watching him parent the members practically makes my heart melt and we all need a but of happiness during the apocalypse. :3 6. Co-Captain: Suga of BTS, because who wouldn't choose their bias as their Co-Captain? :3
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