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For all my AMERICAN, California brides, this is probably THE SECOND TIME I have featured an american wedding cake business that wasn't outside the US! Am I sensing a trend in up and coming American bakers for weddings?!
Known as Cake_Whisperer on Instagram, Cat Campbell runs her own cake business in California called, what else, The Cake Whisperer. I don't need to share 30 pictures of her portfolio. These pictures are proof enough that she knows what she's doing.
I am absolutely amazed by this four-tier cake. It's not often that you see a cake outside of three tiers. This one blows my mind for a few reasons:
Marble effects
Ombre effects
Geometric detail
Metal embellishments
Straight lines and angles
Narrow silhouette
I think that some people think that cakes are easy. You bake them, roll out some fondant and decorate it willy-nilly. I beg to differ! There is such incredible restraint in the final outcome of this cake, it's got a nuanced elegance. There's a balance between all of the aforementioned details and its simplicity. If you thought marble and ombre effects were hard enough, try doing both in a way that isn't distracting, and captures all the right hues. It's right up there with almost impossible.
The detail of this marble design and the gold embellishments elevate this from perfect to extraordinary! This is levels above something you'd find from a bakery's cake-by-number order book.
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