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Janae woke lying in sweat soaked sheets and with a throbbing headache that promised another bad day. Janae had no chance to think about her dream or the state she was in before her mom came into her room. “Janae you need to get up now or you’ll be late for school.” Without waiting for a response her mom left. She didn’t feel like going anywhere but going to school at that point was a lot better than sitting alone in her room while no one in her family can or tried to understand her. Her mom didn’t even notice she wasn’t feeling well. Janae got out of bed greeted by a flood of dizziness causing her to close her eyes and grit her teeth. ‘Today is going to be a really bad day’ she thought as she trudged forward to get ready for school. Janae walks to school, each step taking a bit of the pain away. As she arrived at school, trapped in her mind not feeling or hearing anything around her, her vision starts to go black and just inside the entrance of the school Janae faints.Nobody cared or tried to help her. Except for one person. A girl. She saw Janae suddenly fall and ran to her, in a state of shock she tried to pick Janae up but unable to do it alone, she called a friend to help. “JB give me a hand please! I think she’s really sick…” JB runs to her and picks Janae up. "Come on we are taking her to the hospital." JB motions for the girl to follow him.
JB takes Janae to his car, with Yoona following closely behind. They laid Janae gently in the backseat. As JB started the car he looked at Yoona "Who's this ?! Do you know her ?!!" "I don't think I've seen her before today..." "Oh..I hope she's okay... she looks like she's a nice person" "Yeah i hope so too, she looks so kind..." They drove in silence thinking of the kind looking girl in the backseat. They arrive at the hospital and JB moves into action. He opens the back door of his car and picks up the still girl in his arms, like a little baby, thinking 'she is so small and weak'. He takes her in and doctors take it from there.Yoona and JB waited outside for her to wake up. B was deep in thought as Yoona puts her arm around his shoulder. "It'll okay, I promise. You'll find someone better." JB looked at Yoona his eyes open wide with surprise, "How did you know ?!" "Hey, we've been friends for forever. I can tell just by looking in your eyes. " JB looks at her and his eyes are full of tears . Yoona pats on his head and saying "It's okay. I'm here for you" JB feels some peace from this and starts smiling. He picks on yoona saying "I'm not a dog you know" Yoona laughed, "There you go !! That's better !" At that time, the doctor comes out to tell them Janae was up.
Janae woke to the sound of a heart monitor and the smell of disinfectant. Opening her eyes, she was blinded by bright lights reflecting off white walls. 'Hospital? How did I get here?' As Janae started to remember the events up to fainting at school; two strangers entered the room, with a man she assumed was the Doctor. Janae looks at the unfamiliar faces. "Who are you?"
Awwww JB sounds so nice I can totally see his personality in this :3
I'm so glad you can! I was really worried about that ❤️