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You thought there was no way the next Avengers could live up to the hype.

You were right.

This honest trailer calls this one "good but not great", points out the continuity errors between the most recent films, and details the most ridiculous expectations placed on this film by the studio. Basically, all the problems we've already noticed. BUT the trailer makes great use of the 'movie announcer voice'.
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@lovelywhite13 oh no! I mean I'm glad you enjoyed it but I know it's hard to get kids to sleep haha XD
It's ok. she was already asleep but she can hear me through the baby monitor so I have to be careful. But I'm not sorry even if she woke up.
@lovelywhite13 aaaah gotcha. Well I'm glad she slept through anyway haha I would want her sleep to be another casualty of Age of Ultron XD
@shannonl5 yes. XD
So I'm trying to edit my collections and saw this and well I had to see it again.