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Besides being absolutely gorgeous on the eyes, this Colin Cowie produced wedding is top-notch!
When a lot of people think cocktail hour at a wedding, many assume it's a mixed spirit, beer and scattered bowls of salted wafers and nuts. Nothing wrong with that, entirely. But I'd like to say that you need to be serving appetizers at this time and not just a tin of cashews.
Here's why: Your guests are hungry. Some are probably starving. But that's not all. Even if no one's on the brink of eating an entire cow, you need to open up the palate and awaken the olfactories with drinks and food that revs the engines.
People don't want to simply socialize (while you're out taking pictures); they want to put something in their hands and mouths.
While I am not mandating that you serve raw oysters, stone crabs and lobster (et al), as you can see in this picture, I just want to point out that while this may be your day, it's also your first day as host and hostess for all your guests. Don't push booze on your guests without incredible eats to go with it.
If you're not sure what to serve, meet with your caterer to discuss this. Be sure you tell them what your cocktail hour will look like in terms of timing and types of alcohol that will be served. This will give them a better idea of what to pair during that hour.
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