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Ever find yourself paging through THOUSANDS of floral and bouquet photos online, searching to find something you like with no results?! Trust me, I know the pain. There are days when I see designs that are stunning, yet at the same time, nothing at all what I am looking for.
Here's what I want you to do: Take a field trip to your local flower district (New York, LA, Miami...) or to flower shops. Don't go to just one shop and call it a day. Spend time going to a few. Look at all the flowers. Whether you have something in mind or not, look at everything.
Another idea: Hit your local artificial flower and plant design house. In LA, that would be Aldik Home (in Van Nuys). For those outside of LA, you will have to hit up your high-end craft stores. What's great about these places, is that you can touch the flowers, hold them, create something on the spot from your head, see how different flowers work together (or don't). You get the idea.
TIP: Don't forget about other cool places like Farmer's Markets, actual blooming farms (like the hundreds of them up and down the Pacific Coast).
This is all about being inspired and discovery. Find out what you like and what you don't like.
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