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Consistency is necessary in every quality relationship that you will ever build. If you treat somebody well in the beginning, you should continue on to do so throughout the length of the relationship. When we're not consistent, people around us sense the instability.
Absolutely! I agree with this
Yep I agree, too. It's so frustrating when someone treats you amazingly and then just does a 180 on you. Then YOU are the one left trying to figure out what you did to mess it all up. :(
yesss, so many relationships are fake in the beginning..i want that special treatment for the rest of our fling..lmaoo or it will be JUST a fling..
@jcl4rks0n exactly! And I try not to be a fling kind of person. So it can get frustrating as all hell, especially when the other person never had any intention of anything more. >.<