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Zombie Squad Challenge
I was tagged by @kpopandkimchi for this challenge!
1. The Muscle - Mark Tuan (GOT7)
2. The Brains - Park Jimin (BTS)
3. The Scaredy Cat - N (VIXX)
4. The Secret Weapon - Rap Monster (BTS)
5. The Protector/Mother - Ravi (VIXX)
6. The Co-Captain - Leo (VIXX)
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Bahahahah this is half VIXX and I totally approve!
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@HappyGLAlexis love your zombie squad! too bad we can't join forces
2 years ago·Reply
Markieeeee!!! Helloooo!!! Looking forward to meet you dead or alive on Friday! (Okay that was a bad joke! Sorryyyyyy)
2 years ago·Reply
interesting group
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