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YASSS LETS DO THIS ! I Forgot the order so I'll try my best.
1. THE MUSCLE: None other than Zitao. He knows Wushu and is extremely. extremely good to look at *Drools*
2.The Brains: Jimin. I just get this Vibe that he's good at thinking fast plus he's my bias and my husband so yeah...
3. The scaredy Cat. Luhan... *Gif says all*
4. The secret Weapon V his alien tactics will distract the Zombies!
5. The Mother My precious Baby N! he's just so caring and he could totally work the mother title!
6. The Co-Leader. Leo! His serious attitude will help us stay on track when it comes to surviving ! YEAH LETS DO THIS
I wanted to make V my secret weapon too cause he's just SO random hahaha
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@kpopandkimchi only reason why I have him here xD
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