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The Brain: Amber I would LOVE to have her on my team!!!
Muscle: Leo ( I feel he could be protective also sooooo)
The Scaredy Cat: Daesung Poor baby it's okay I'll protect you.
The Co-Captian: TOP I love the idea of him being my CoCaptian. Taking over so I can go calm down and not be so stressed out.
The Secret Weapon: Jaguar I don't know him so well yet soooo I'll put him as my Secret Weapon.
And the mother is key of course!!
"Poor baby it's okay I'll protect you. " LMAO also I definitely agree with having Amber on your squad!
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hahaha, Leo is a must for Muscles department!!
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Key as the protector cracks me up for some reason. I've seen him on a few teams in this role.
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