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It was hard to choose who should go where. but I figured out and have come to a conclusion with these beauts:

1. The Muscle: Bang Yong Guk from B.A.P, he got them muscles and I enjoy his voice and face.

2. The Brains: Rap Monster from BTS, he was on Problematic Men, has an IQ of 148, and placed in the 1% of national mock exams in high school.

3. The Scaredy Cat: P.O from Block.B, he may seem all tough, but nah. (and he's adorable asf)

4. The Secret Weapon: Tao/Z.Tao (former EXO), he's great at martial arts and could woop some butt. (Kung Fu Panda)

5. The Protector/Mother: Key from SHINee, he nags the other members but only to keep them safe and seems to be the type to want everyone happy but will still call you out.

6. The Co-Captain: G-Dragon from Big Bang,he's a good leader and can be serious when needed, but is also really goofy to help keep everyone in a good mood.

Let the games begin!
@kpopandkimchi I wanted to make a card as well, so here you go. X3
omg all the gifs you chose made them look like such badasses
I used Minho as my protector.