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Who Said Boys Were Just For Dating Anymore?

Okay, I realize how ridiculous this card is, but admittedly, whenever I have a leaky bathroom faucet or a problem with my car, I kind of wish I had a built-in someone who could take care of this stuff for me.
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all of these ( except the bug killer for me ) are true lol
Iโ€™m an excellent bug killer (except large spiders). You can just have a team of boyfriends ;)
Yes I hate spiders but so is my boyfriend and I have to kill them lol
I'm not sure how this ended up being about tall people. so shout out to all the boys and their awesome girls. lol
then there is me: 17, can do everything at home herself and is currently isolating her room's walls and bringing her own electricity cabels in the room, renovating her room which is already 300 years old (including the nice cold walls and water coming from the ceiling -.-), just put new windows in there, opens jars for her father and mother... don't need a boy for that xD
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