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Zombie Survival Squad :)
I love October and everything Walking Dead and zombie related so im super excited for this! Here is my perfect go to Zombie Squad!
1.The Muscle: An easy choice for my the beautifully buff Taecyeon-2pm♡♥What better than some eye candy during the apocalypse and hes strong so he can help out with all the shelter building and again hes a nice view
2.The Brains: None other than this incredibly handsome genius BTS-Rap Monster aka Namjooni
3.The Scaredy Cat: BTS-Hopie lets all be honest here He would make us all life to distract from the fact that there are zombies but poor hopie is scared of his own shadow at times
4.The Secret Weapon: A6P's Ado hes extremely mysterious but we could definitely use that to our advantage
5.The Protector/Mother: Exos Mama Suho , he could help keep us all in line
6.The Co-Captain: Every Girl needs her right hand man so its none other than the one and only , best leader ever GD , 권지용 오빠♡ Hes smart and couldn't think of a better person to help lead the group with.
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