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A few days ago, @shannonl5 created a challenge where she wanted everyone to write an open letter to their favorite Marvel character. I've actually been wanting to write a card about Jubilee for a while now, so I'm really excited she did!

So, without further ado, meet my all-time favorite Marvel character, Jubilee!

Dear Jubilee,

You came at a time where I was the only girl in a neighborhood of boys that were all obsessed with street hockey, video games, and watching the 'Three Ninjas' movies on VHS. Fortunately, I had an older sister who often 'diversified' play days, but life doing nothing but 'boy things' was a little boring.
Fortunately, 1992 came along, and so did 'X-Men: The Animated Series', also known as 'how we met'. We all loved the show, and the boys would roll around on the lawn, throwing their dad's playing cards and pretending they were Gambit on attack or Cyclops with the cool laser eyes. But I was always steadfastly stuck to pretending I was Jubilee.
I mean, MAN, were you a character made for me or what?!
First off, you blast sparkly plasma out of your hands. Other X-Men fans think that's a totally purposeless mutation. However, not only does it blow things up, but it really starts a party! (Secretly, Jubilee, I think about how cool you'd be as an Applebees waitress. 'We've got a birthday in the house! Pew-pew! Pew-pew-pew!')
Secondly, you never let haters mess with your self-image. Growing up, I had a hard time accepting myself as who I am. I always admired the quiet, 'mature', and organized type when I grew up being louder, goofier, and all over the place. (It wasn't until my art school dates that I learned highly creative people are just naturally messier. It's true!)
I've learned to see what I considered my 'disadvantages' as some of my greatest strengths, and I definitely have you as a childhood role model to thank!
You always have the best one-liners. I live to be the person that has the best one-liners, but I'm usually just the person who mumbles half-funny one-liners under their breath. Still, how Terminator 2 is "Time to blow this joint." right before escaping your confines with fists full of fireworks. SLAAAAY.
You're the young, fun one in an academy full of superhuman geezers. I feel like, whether it's the comics or the cartoons (and maybe the upcoming movie!), you're always the one that's keeping things light and positive despite everyone else's Marvel-patented brooding. Thanks for making positivity a badass thing to have!
So thank you, Jubilee, for showing me that even 'girls' can be superhuman badasses. Wolverine Schmulverine. It's all about them plasma blasts. (And later, kickass vampirism, but that's a card for another day.)
She really is! I love her to pieces. Definitely Team Jubilee! @DanRodriguez this is the card I mentioned ^_^
@danidee hollerrrrrrrrr
@shannonl5 Thank you for the pluuuug~
@shannonl5 Thank you so muchhh! I've been meaning to write a card about Jubilee for a while ever since I started reading more and more stuff in the Marvel community. I think she's just about the coolest lol.
This is so great!!!! I love this. What an awesome challenge response!