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You know what today is. You guessed it, throwback Thursday.

The one day you get to go all out with throwbacks [both good and bad]. A time to reminisce, laugh and cry at how far you've come over the years. This Thursday, I'm throwing it back for all those celebrities who had no sense of style before they become famous. These celebs went from drab to fab over the course of a few years and now it doesn't seem like they will ever turn back. The celebrities featured below are some of the most fashionable celebrities currently. Their sense of style speaks for itself. It's crazy to think that just a few short years ago, fashion was the last thing they were known for in the industry. From Kim Kardashian to Solange Knowles, keep scrolling for this weeks celebrity throwback Thursday and just take a moment to appreciate the glo' up.

Solange Knowles

Before she was a mother, a wife, a singer, an entrepreneur, a DJ and a fashion icon -- she was Beyonce's young sister who was on the brink of greatness. It might be safe to say that she even has Queen Bey beat on certain levels. She has definitely flourished over the years. Her style speaks for itself.

Kim Kardashian

Before she was Ray J's "jump off" in the video that went viral or internationally known as "Kimye", she was Kim Kardashian. We knew her as Paris Hilton's assistant. She was your typical girl next door and her taste in fashion was years behind. Way to go Kim, you have definitely done well for yourself. Should the credit go to Kanye? Maybe.


Before Chris Brown and the fame, she was a young girl from Barbados with a voice and moves that brought island flavor. Her style was a mix of street and sporty.

Kendall and Kylie Jenner

Before the lip injections, the modeling career, the dating a rapper and the Instagram fame -- they were just two twins that were a product of the Kardashian sisters with a sense of style that was fit for a typical teenage girl.

How exciting was that? Drifting on a memory.

Stay tuned for the next celebrity adventures of Throwback Thursday.