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SO!! Since @kpopandkimchi decides to put me somewhere else entirely, let's do this!!!!!
The Muscles| Chim Chim You probably know I'm gonna chose this so what's the point?
The Brains| Destruction God *nods* Mmhmm
The Scaredy Cat| Chan-Chan Yep. Get ova it. Chanyeol in mah team!
Secret Weapon| Dragon of Gs kekeke Kwon Jiyong mah Weapon!!
Mother| Baddest Female Did you see it coming? Haha!
Co-Captain| Mr. Relax Wang Jackssssooonnnnn!!! Well thats it! See you guys on the zombie field on Friday!
@JaxomB Its fine! You can always learn more about them! @nenegrint14 Haha, I came up with it when I realize...wait Jimin has No Jams...Jimin No Jams..... Jimin Jams!! Wait..Jimin JamLESS
Haha that's awesome! he will never live that down haha
I actually don't know some of your team (sorry).
Hahaha Jimin Jamless (I'm way too amused by thus lol)
@kpopandkimchi Yepp!! Feel free to call him Jimin Jamless, Jungkook's Soulmate, Kookie's Favorite and ChimChim Jimin.
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