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Zombie Survival Squad
THE MUSCLE; Seungri From Big Bang: He knows jinjistu and take down anyone or thing.
THE BRAINS: Zico of Block B. Can figures out ways to fighter or retreat or just out the way when the zombies attack.
THE SCAREDY CAT: Jonghyun of Shinee. He acts tough but he can't handle haunted house let alone zombies.
THE SECRET WEAPON: Jackson of Got7. when need some with swords or any type of blades that when you call in Jackson.
THE PROTECTOR: Ravi of Vixx. If needs to be he will be by your side when its needed but can go a little overbearing with his mothering
THE CO-CAPTAIN: Jay Park who else can stand by my side when it all go down, he can help leads us in the right direction.
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