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Thanks to @kpopandkimchi for this challenge. Here is my team!! #MYTEAM

1) Muscle:

Zhong Ze Xiang Casper - Cross Gene~ I mean he looks like a natural Bamf... plus those arms.. I mean really look at those arms... (don't ask) .

2). The Brains:

Super Junior-Cho Kyuhyun/Gamekyu~ He looks brilliant simply put. Also, he always is doing math.

3). The Scaredy Cat:

BEAST- Junhyung.. ~ You ever seen his bug dance?? It's adorable!

4). The Secret Weapon:

Kim Sang Min- Cross Gene~ #noshame THAT'S RIGHT! BAM! I mean if I'm going down in a zombie apocalypse, I want to atleast have one of my biases with me, and have something to make me smile!! That means I'll fight extra hard with him. I need him in my life y'all, don't judge...

5) Protector:

Kim Joon.. Have you seen him fight?! I have. He kicks tail for a living! XD

6). Co- Captain:

Lee Jaehwan (Ken)~ Vixx.. Again I think we'd run a great show together....
@KellyOConnor Haha yes!! BAE Keeps me alive, so if he goes, then dangit I'm going down too.. like See you other three at the zombie party... I gotta stay with the Baes
@AimeeH LOL! if bae dies I die... totally understand!
@KellyOConnor Thank you! Him and Sangmin are my two main Biases!! I need them in my life... if they get taken out.. I'm heading straight towards the zombies.. I will have no ambition afterwards.. XD
❤ Kim Joon! love your team, good picks!
Imterstesting choices. I like seeing other teams
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