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Yes, yeah, sure we get it. You're a handsome dude Matt Damon and with your new movie (The Martian) coming out tomorrow, I can't stop thinking about how attractive you are. There's definitely something about him that I can't place my finger on/would like to place my finger on.
So, as always. Let's see what makes Matt Damon so goddamn attractive to everyone other than that beautiful face.

He's Romantic

I know, I know, the gif above is from a movie where he forgets everything and meets this person and means it very literally. But part of me thinks he meant it figuratively. I mean, what is it to truly know someone? And when you finally do honestly know someone else, doesn't that mean you might actually be in love with them? And when you're in love with them, aren't they the only person that matters? Matt Damon gets it. I got a feeling inside my chest that he gets it.

He's Humble

I'm pretty sure Matt knows how beautiful he appears to everyone else other than him. But he still has the ability to put his ego aside. In the gif above, it's like he doesn't even know who he is. But whoever he's talking to is the amazing person. And when someone that looks like Matt Damon is questioning why you would want to talk to them, then maybe you should believe them. Being humble about who you are is something we could all do a little more of, in my opinion. Since, you know, my opinion is so fucking great, don't forget that. Oh have I mentioned you can follow my Hipster Advice collection?

My Boy's Wicked Smart

I don't think we'll ever forget the fact that Matt Damon is most know for playing Will Hunting. That isn't a bad thing. He wrote that fucking movie and if he could write something so brilliant and so true he has got to have some kind of brain in that beautiful skull of his. If you want someone to hang around you and want to be in a relationship with you, make sure you can engage them in an intellectual conversation.

He Questions What People Might Want

Now, I get it. This seems a little crazy to be on a list of cool things to make you more pretty like celebrities, right? But in reality it isn't. I know there are some of you out there who admit to being an openly optimistic person but in some cases that leaves you open to being used. Now, I'm not saying be completely guarded but just think about these things the same way Matt does.

He Knows What He Wants

I've been in multiple situations where the person I was partnered up with thought they could fundamentally change who I am as a person. This is kind of insane. Listen, I know I'm fucked up but I'm not asking you to un-fuck me (I'm asking the opposite actually). And the gif above totally gets that. Matt Damon totally gets that and it's important to want someone that isn't trying to fix you. It's important to attract people that know you know what you want in the relationship.
And there you have it, Vingle Babes (have I mentioned you look great today? Nice hair!) Looking like Matt Damon is one thing but having his traits is a completely different thing.
And that completely different thing is kind of insane. I mean why would you want to fundamentally change who you are to be like someone else? What are you? Some kind of crazy person? Geez, I didn't know I was dealing with someone that wanted to cut someone's personality out and stick it into your pocket because maybe the aura of it will enter into your soul somehow.
Wow, what a crazy thought. That's so insane who would come up with something so ridiculous. Not me, of course. Never me. I am fine, I am okay, I am alright.
Let's not forget, he will kill you to get a spaceship. Ahahaha Interstellar anyone?
What I'm saying @najalong1998 is yes. we want dicaprio @paulisaghost hahaha
Matt Damon is like...super funny too. I think that adds to his charm. And yes DICAPRIO I love him so much hahahaah
Gorgeous, absolutely gorgeous, your gonna make me want to make a Leonardo Decaprio card xD
Then during the first episode of project green light matt made a comment to an African American producer that was unmistakably racist. I mean... mind blown. he's not as liberal and open minded as you'd think. and if he was an outsider at one point, he's now the establishment. he is "the man'... and not the coil man or hip man. he's the powerful, stomp on those below him man. I honestly don't care to see any of his movies in the future. I'm sickened and disappointed. then I read that last week he made a homophobic comment on the show. just thought this might change how you feel about him a little.
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