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Wonder Woman doesn't always have it easy.

If you missed it, Alex Di Campi did some amazing work writing Wonder Woman: Sensation Comics (these panels are from #20). It sounds like some of our favorite heroines are getting a little fed up with the way they're treated in comparison to their male counterparts... (via)

If you're ever feeling self-conscious, just remember that Wonder Woman has cellulite, too.

The entire comic is great, but Di Campi used these panels as a rare opportunity to address the double-standards we apply to our heroes. Of course these characters aren't real, but if we do it to the characters we love, isn't it possible we'll end up doing it to people in real life as well?
@jibarito @YoSoySoysauce @tardisdragon7 @gnievespr1 @ButterflyBlu @purplem00n23 @LizArnone @candyland1986 @LizaNightshade @karencorchado @KaraHevner @FannyWard @loftonc16 @missophiestik how do you feel about Wonder Woman taking on double standards AND injustice? Can she really have it all? (Snort).
I think it's very important. An entire generation of kids are now starting to read these comics. It's critical to think about what we're teaching them. Comics throughout time have addressed current events and social issues. This is one that women deal with now and should be addressed, for the sake of both young boys and girls.
@ButterflyBlu @jibarito @KarvaHevner @loftonc16 @karencorchado heck yeah! I love how real she is... just kind of exasperated with how ridiculous it all is. Does it kind of remind you of some of the actresses who have been getting more vocal about this lately? I'm thinking of like... ScarJo on the Avengers tour "why do you get the deep character question and I get the rabbit food question" kind of thing. @purplem00n23 I absolutely recommend it! Alex Di Campi is an amazing writer and everything she does is really progressive and entertaining- which is the BEST combo imo ^_^
@buttetflyblu yaaaaaasss! It's nice to see that even our female superhero's have things that bother them about their body and how they lightheartedly deal with it. # Empowering!
I love it, it's deadpool-like, but for a bigger and deeper issue which applies in today's society. Kudos to the writers for this lol
this is awesome!!! I might just have to buy this issue!!!
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