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Also here's my results for my results for this game also! *drumrolls* And the results are: Best Friend: Taeyang Crush: Taeyang Secret Admirer: G-Dragon Takes you out: Taeyang Takes you on a weekend cruise: G-Dragon Have children with: G-Dragon Boyfriend: Daesung Jealous One: Taeyang Writes a Love Song for you: T.O.P Husband: G-Dragon I was surprised on this one but it was so much fun! @AimeeH Thanks for this game too! :D
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Sweet :D would you be able to make a Exo one? If you do requests that is...
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@kpoplover492 there's one that someone already has done. I can give you the link. But yes I do requests! I also inform of the groups that will be featured in the week!
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this is the exo link!
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That would be great if you could give me the link! And sweet :D
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