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Scaring people is a favorite pastime of mine, so October is definitely one of my favorite months. Zombies? Love the thought of them, but only in fiction. Imagine real life zombies. That can run. Scary af... Thanks to @kpopandkimchi for coming up with this
1. The Muscles: Definitely Ok Taecyeon. I mean look at those arms! And those abs...
2. The Brains: I was so tempted to say Namjoon, but then I remembered reading somewhere that Tablo has a really high iq as well. Plus, he went to my dream school, Stanford.
3. My Secret Weapon: Is none other than the golden maknae, Jungkook! Look at this kid (lol he's actually a year older than me) isn't he adorable? Totally wouldn't expect him to be the bully of bts right?
4. The Scared Cat: There's really no explanation needed for this one. I mean, he needed Lee Hyori to protect him...
4. The Protector: I need someone who's fierce, so who better to pick than my Ssenunni, Jessi? Girl is tough. Look at her bullying Zico and making other contestants scared. Girl knows how to pick a fight but she also knows how to be sweet, which is a total plus.
5. Co-leader: This was totally unexpected (not really) but my Co-leader of choice is none other than Kwon Jiyong. The leader of leaders. Perfect mix of cute and charismatic. He's also my husband bias. (^__^) Imagine him running to battle like that ^
I have Taecyeon on my team also but as the brains. He actually is very smart.
@kpopandkimchi just added it
Who is the scaredy cat?!!?!