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I was tagged by @kpopandkimchi to create my squad!
Muscle - Hyunseong (Boyfriend) Because he worked hard to get where he is and is the Savior of his group to win anything with strength!
Brains - Jin (BTS) Because Jin is just amazing!! Especially when he rapped again Jimin during this BTS bomb XD
Scardy Cat - Luhan Because after watching this I don't feel like I'm the worst when it comes to haunted houses!! Lol it even showed when Luhan had wobbly legs toward the end but still bolted when one person popped out from the side!!!
Secret Weapon - Victoria [f(x)] Because just look at her flexibility!! She will do great as a secret weapon!!
Protector - Lay (Exo) Because he is the healer lol
Co Captain - Kwangmin (Boyfriend) Who wouldn't want him as Co captain ^_^ especially with that face!! <3
Yes, Lay is the ultimate guardian angel
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OMG. This was great.
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