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My Muscle Man would be 2PM's Taecyeon. Manly and tough, yet doesn't make a decision without your approval. Also has a soft side.
Brain's of the squad would be Bangtan Boys' Rap Monster because that boy's IQ is higher than mine by like a thousand lol I feel like Kookie and V.
Scaredy Cat would be me lol jk EXO's Tao because he may seem tough on the outside but he's basically scared of everything lol from insects to height. Everything scares him except for Wooshoo.
Secret Weapon is Minhyuk because damn that boy is good at about just everything! Nothing to complain about. He raps, sings, dances, acts, is athletic, built, funny, crazy, tall, kind, caring.
The Protector would be BEAST's Yoseob because he's very protective and motherly like but yet is buff like a buffalo. And judgmental lol.
Co-Captian for my squad would be Teen Top's C.A.P because he's the silent and humble leader. He is there for you if you need consulting or anything really.
Hoped you liked it @kpopandkimchi Mine's kinda all over the place lol
Minhyuk secret weapon too.. and I have Taecyeon as my brains of the group
yes love this squad! that muscle man! and rap mon is pretty much the brains in everything and tao my poor little scared panda
whoa i totally wouldnt have thought of CAP but he actually sounds perfect!!!