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perseverance [n.] - steadfastness in doing something despite difficulty or delay in achieving success.

It takes a strong person to keep trying at something no matter how many times they may have failed in the past. When I think of the word perseverance, Jordan Bone comes to mind. Jordan happens to be a YouTuber who makes some pretty inspiring videos, but that's not all -- she also happens to be paralyzed. After a car accident ten years ago, Jordan became a tetraplegic [meaning she can't open or close her hands]. Despite not being able to use her hands, she still manages to do a full face of makeup including a cat eye -- a technique not many of us can master even on a good day.
They say practice makes perfect and with continuous practice Jordan has mastered the technique of using both mascara and eyeliner. This amazing woman took a negative and turned it into a positive by creating a video on her YouTube channel to address the negative comments that were said about her specific makeup technique. By sharing her story and her amazing makeup tutorial, she has opened both eyes and hearts of many.
Watch Jordan's amazing video above and prepare to be amazed.
Jordan is right. Life is too short for negativity. I thought she was beautiful without makeup.
Thanks for agreeing! :) @EasternShell
incredible journey she's had. She can do more with her knuckles than many can do with their hands. Thanks for sharing this!
Unstoppable is an understatement. This video definitely opened my eyes, literally. Goes to show that anybody can do anything they want if they just put their mind to it @KaraHevner
Wow! I wanted to look up some make-up techniques for today. I watched this amazing video. Not only did I learn make-up techniques, but am so moved by this woman. Perseverance is hard to attain, but once you're unstoppable!
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