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Hey everyone! Ever sense I could remember I have always wanted to travel, it is my dream to see the world and experience everything earth has to offer. This is why I need your help:

Help me construct a bucket list by answering this question:

What is your most favorite place to go? (vacation or for other reasons)

Everyone can give as many places as you want but make sure that it is specific. So if you chose China; What part? Any specific things or places there that make it your favorite?

Thank you so much to any who participate, it means a lot to me and I hope one day I can cross off every one of your places off the list. :)

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I want to go back to Rome. I was there for five days and I found Romans to be inviting. Plus, I did not eat any Italian food because I was on a college student budget. really! I only had bread, jam, and apple juice....for five days. that being said, I also want to go back to London. Food being the reason as well. Most specifically Camden Town, where I can find food from all over the world for less than 5 pounds. Guabajuato, Mexico is another place I want to go back to. Mostly because that is where I was born and because it is full of the arts. Korea all of South Korea because I love Korean culture, from villages to cities.
I really want to visit the Lord of the Rings set in New Zealand! My dad introduced me to the books and it would be a nice trip to take with him some day. I'd love to see the pyramids in Egypt, Timgad in Algeria, a friend of mine when to Ghana and said it's a really awesome place with a cool city life so I'd like to see that as well. I'd love to go all over Russia, I'd like to go to Germany because that's where my step-mom is from, France because I love French cuisine, pretty much all over Europe. I'd also like to see some parts of India and China as well. Pretty much there's nowhere I don't want to go!
u should go to jeju island for vacation it's beautiful. and Paris Japan Hong Kong England south Korea cause it's beautiful and India for their saris ( Indian dresses)
times square in new york is definitely breath taking especially in the night!
Ooooh @PurpleChick yeah if you're thinking of going to New York: Central Park is of course awesome, and on the East side there's the Met, the west side there's Lincoln Center and the Natural History Museum, those are great. The MoMa is one of my favorite museums. Downtown there are some great theaters in the East Village + Astor Place, plus good cheap places to eat.