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The muscle: Tao, now known as Z.Tao. He was in charge of martial arts in EXO. Also known as a Gucci loving panda.
The brains: RapMon. He can be a genius when you need him to be. So yeah.
The scaredy cat: JHope. The pictures speak for themselves.
Secret Weapon: Jackson from GOT7. If you have watched roommate you will understand my decision. If not, WATCH IT RIGHT NOW!
The Protector/ Mother: Kyungsoo. EXO calls him eomma. So why not. Plus when he turns to Satansoo there is no stopping him.
Co-Leader GD: One he is very wise, two who wouldn't want his gorgeousness everywhere. Three he is the leader of BigBang and they are very successful. He's also my bias so I would want to be around him all the time.
@kpopandkimchi tagged me to do this challenge. I challenge @shannonI5 @nokita
Bahahahhaha the picture you chose for J-hope is SO accurate hahahah
Yours is like the 3rd or.4th card in a row that has JHOPE as the scardy cat. lol