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LG changed the car and go to Bakha. Jang called Sena and said,"You are InJu's older sister.. You are my daughter.. I am your mother.. If you are okay, call me mother.." Sena is too embarrased and she calls to Taemu. She asks about Bakha but Taemu says,"I did nothing." What a bad guy !! At the same time, LG is arrived! Taemu drops a car key and teases him. LG bends down to pick up the key. OMGGGG!! Some gangsters pinned LG on T_T_T Part 1 : Part 2 : Part 3 : Part 4 : Part 5 : Part 6 :
hard for him to decide which one he should choose... if the plan of he & his guys is revealed, it will cause a big trouble. awwwww... so wonder.
chờ mãi không tới tập 17.mong quá!
DAEBAK!!!!!!!! they were really sister, as expected xD