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This is a truly WTF news story.

Rumors have been circulating that our dearest pop-idol Katy Perry is in talks for a totally bizarre real-estate deal.
She wants to move into a convent.
Okay, it's not a convent right now, but it was one. The former convent in the expensive Los Feliz neighborhood in Hollywood, California is up for 15 million dollars, but nobody knows who controls it.
A few elderly nuns and the local archbishop have claimed they control the Roman villa-style property. It's magnificent views of the San Gabriel Mountains are a major selling point.
Apparently before the property housed the holy-folk it was a Norma Desmond-style old Hollywood, private residence. It's a huge property that is totally fit for an A-lister like Perry, but the dispute rolls on.
The property used to exist as the California Institute of the Sisters of the Most Holy and Immaculate Heart of the Blessed Virgin Mary.
Jesus, that's a mouthful.
Anyway, a judge ruled that the nuns and archbishop don't have any legal ownership of the property. Here are nuns Catherine and Rita in front of the placid "holy mansion. They look harmless enough right?
But they're pretty miffed. Apparently they have some kind of attachment to the place and want nothing to do with the singer, who's overt sexuality and acceptance of the "homosexual agenda" go against their "virtuous" morals.
The real estate association attached to the property is paving the way for Perry's purchase.

It's not as exciting as her buying a convent to live among the nuns of the good book...but hey. It's kind of funny.

She doesn't care. She wants that damn convent.
holy crazy Katy Perry..but it is a beautiful place..Nothing says godly like the San Gabriel mountains in southern California...
I had heard of this story before, but I never actually saw the pictures. This is probably the nicest convent I have ever seen?! Maybe if I don't get married by 45 I'll hitchhike to a rich LA neighborhood and get myself to a nunnery.
Duh haha, scripture in hand @danidee
I just imagined a bunch of nuns chilling out in that pool. Best summer BBQ ever.
@nicolejb it is a beautiful place and has a calming spirit..the San Gabriel mountains are amazing..:-)
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