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BigBang Screenshot Game (My Results)
Apparently my phone doesn't want SeungHyun and I together. Anyway, MY CHILDREN WILL BE BEAUTIFUL!!! And I'm married to my best friend so that's a plus. Too bad it didn't work out between Taeyang and I. Womp womp. @AimeeH
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@KiKi29 omgosh! YAY SEUNGRI YOU PUT A RING IN!!! ^●^ Thank you for participating!! I love your results!
@AimeeH Thanks for doing Big Bang. If not JYJ at least I got my other loves. I wanted my main boo, but it's okay. Seungri will make a great husband.
@KiKi29 awe right Seungri would be a sweet husband!! No problem at all dear! I love Bigbang!