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Hey newsies! Just wanted to introduce myself. I’m nicolejb, but you can call me Nicole! I’m the new Community Moderator of the News Community. Think of me as the Ron Burgundy of the Vingle news community.
Just a little bit about me. I went to school for journalism, so I really enjoy newsie stuff. I’m a big fan of the New York Times, watch way too many documentaries, and spend a bit too much reading articles on the inter-webs.

But mostly I love to have thoughtful conversations about current events and issues.

So, uh, what is news even?

Well, truthfully I’m trying to figure that out myself. Even after going to school for it (I promise I didn’t fall asleep in class). But here’s the best way I can put it.

1. New!

Hence the term New. Anything that is relevant in a timely manner. The release of the new iPhone is out today? That’s news ya'll

2. Noteworthy

The story has a great amount of significance or importance. I write about my cats? No one wants to know that. A story Martha Stewart’s spoiled cats? Everybody wants to know that ish!

3. Conflict / Controversy

Gun control. Police Violence. This is some of my favorite stuff. Because it means we get to chat about it. (in a respectful way, duh)

4. Human Interest

Everyone wants to hear about the weird news. Hear about that weird Chinese Obama impersonator or the cute baby panda just born?
Super thanks to all those that have contributed to the news community in the past. Ya’ll are the best @danidee @Matokokepa @InPlainSight @drwhat @mchlyang @mansamirdha
If you are new to Vingle or part of the News community (or even if you aren’t new and just wanna chat) feel free to shoot me a message or tag me in some comments. I’m a pretty likable person and we are all pretty agreeable here!
Also, any and all Anchorman quotes and references are welcome. Though news is very serious, I like to keep things light and fun most of the time.
And remember, Vinglers...
Congrats @nicolejb!!! The News community is in good hands!
Yes yes yes! Go @nicolejb you're so knowledgable and kind. Great skills for news and storytelling I'm glad I get to hang out in here so much :) my fav part of Vingle is hitting the hard issues with you all, it really makes for a positive use of the Internet and Vingle. :) let's keep it up!!!!
Thank you to everyone!! @joannade @ButterflyBlu @hikaymm @mchlyang @danidee @shannonl5 I’m totes down for some news kid collaboration. Anytime you want to do some intra community stuff, you let me know!
I AM SO EXCITED!! Congratulations, @nicolejb, you totally worked for this! (Also, I love that four-part 'news' definition. It definitely helps me figure out what I can share with the Vingle newsies!)
GO TEAM GO! couldn’t do it without you, you know that right?! @TessStevens <3 best news writer on Vingle goes to you!
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