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Sooooooooooo I realized something......there was a change....a flick of a switch...... SUNGOH..... this beautiful child.....got me like....
Maybe it was the whole "Imma be a jerkface to my crew because I can" thing he did in the beginning.....and I loved his vocals on the breakdown (๑^ں^๑) The song.....it took me a couple times to get into it BUT I do like it. My Baby Daeil do what he do with the choreo ヽ(^。^)ノAlthough I didn't see much of it....except the thrusting at the chorus....lol which I liked....duhhh. Performance MV, Cheoun.....MAKE IT HAPPEN. I'm curious about the entire album tho..... Uuuugghh my brain is like scrambled eggs right nowwwww.....I'M SO EXCITED BUT I'M TRYING to process what I saw and what I thought of what I saw and all that's really coming to mind is.....
*le sigh* Sorry Daeil....you'll always be my baby (っ˘̩╭╮˘̩)っ
A side note....Kisu and Hui....MAMA SEES YOU (•ؔʶ̷ ˡ̲̮ ؔʶ̷)
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I LOVED THIS VIDEO!!!! and SungOh.......I'll leave that there , Cory i think?? the one with the sweatband and the baseball shirt hes perfect , so is daeil and hui!! I love them all honestly
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HOLY FUDGEEEEEEEEE!!!! THIS WAS SO GOOD. My eyes LITERALLY started burning which made me tear up after the M/V was done.... like what the heck... That never happened to me before. 24K is doing some crazy stuff to me... But before the song even started I thought my earphones was broken or something so I kept turning up the volume, and well..... I almost made myself go deaf. lol. BUT IT WAS WORTH ITTT. AND THE BEAT...... IS DOPE.
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@StephanieDuong Hahahaha OMG ME TOO!!! The beginning was void of sound so I cranked the volume thinking it's busted and yeah.....scared myself lol. I teared up reading all the positive feedback peeps were leaving in the comments... the fan base is growingggggg and it makes me so happy!! I feel like a proud mama. UUUGGGHHH THE MORE I LISTEN TO IT THE MORE I LOVE IT!
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@PassTheSuga YESSS. 24K deserves the recognition! They should have a LONGGG time ago. :)
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@PassTheSuga it makes me even more proud to be a fan of 24K when I see their fan base growing ^^
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