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Mets' manager Terry Collins - and reliever Hansel Robles - were ejected from Wednesday's game with the Phillies.

Here's my question: is there value in being tossed?

I say yes - within reason.

It can stir up a team that is playing flat, and that's exactly what the Mets were experiencing when Terry got thrown out.
Usually, when a manager gets ejected, it's a calculated move. Managers - especially veteran managers, like Terry Collins - know exactly how (and when) to push an umpire's buttons.
If their team is struggling, or looking lazy or unmotivated, some managers will pick a petty call - arguing balls and strikes, or something similarly picky - and really get the umpire riled up.

It's a spectacle. For the fans, and more importantly, for the players.

It shows a team that the manager is not happy. And usually it's clear that the manager is unhappy about something beyond just a bad call - usually, it's because he's unhappy with the way the team is playing. He's making a statement.

With that said, no one wants to make a fool of himself.

Managers who make a name for themselves of being argumentative are no fun. Sure, maybe they're fun to watch because of their short tempers, but the reality is that that's not what the game is about. So, I think a manager can occasionally get thrown out intentionally to rile up his players and use it as a shot in the arm to his team, but it has to be a really calculated move. Not more than once or twice during the season.

I'm curious to hear what my fellow baseball minds think about this - is there a time and place for a skipper to get ejected?

@ButterflyBlu Cox was the king of getting tossed
Oh absolutely. It's a slap in the face for the whole team. Coach is calling bs all the way and you're standing around playing like crap? *smack* So many times I watched Bobby Cox do this and the whole game would turn around in an inning or two. But it has to be done correctly and at the right time - not too early, not too late.
@mchlyang totally agree. it's all about the situation.
Of course! It's all part of the strategy. I feel like it also builds trust between the players and the manager. It can also fire up the whole team. But they should really read the flow of the game and see if his ejection will actually help the team.