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It's been a long, long time.

Obviously you two don't look your age (born in 1918 and you don't look a day over thirty!), but the days of your youth are long gone my friends. Like @danidee mentioned, it's the International Day of Older Persons, which means you and your peers have a lot to celebrate.

Like keeping fit despite your age...

(Fanart by mechinism)

Your ability to master new technology...

And your passion for hard candies.

(Fanart by lousysharkbutt)

You're both precious: Never change.

Steve and Bucky are my favorite super-powered old people (second only to Magneto and Professor X). Let's show them some love on their special day!
@danidee they've had years of experience to practice haha @Luci546 hahaha I joke a lot but I love them so much XD
Poor Hawkeye just can't catch a break lol
fudge yeah :D
I love that first set of fan art so much. I've seen internet trolling before, but trolling by foot? That's an accomplishment only the superhuman can pull off.
@ChosenKnight @purplem00n23 lol yup those old geezers are giving all the youngins a hard time XD
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