HI , my bebes !! I'm sorry I've been gone for awhile!!! I miss you guys soo much. So I just wanted to give you guys an update on school life and kpop !!~~
Well, funny story ( not really funny but bear with me) So , recently me and my friends' Korean Culture club is going well so far. Only sad thing is our adviser is an halboji and he always in pain so our meetings sometimes don't happen. The great thing is a lot of people at my school are actually interested!!!!
On this recent Monday me and friend Shaun performed in front of our non-kpopper peers and got a good response!! A lot of people thought I wasn't a dancer apparently ... e.e but atleast now they know! Also, a lot of people signed up for the club because of the small showcase. So Yay!!!! That's not even the good part!.......
I got to freestyle dance with my crush!!~~ His smile omg his smile!!!! Now he wants to dance with me for my school's showcase! EPPP!!~~~ Like aint that amazing! Usually I have no type of contact or chance to be around my crushes ( Im too shy for all that!!)
( I'll add the videos on later when I get my tablet back from my mum)
So , how you guys been since I've been gone? Anything excited happened to you recently? Tell me in the comment section!!! I missed you guys!!!