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I love Big Bang's solo and duet tracks more than most Big Bang songs themselves, so I'm pretty passionate about these two collaborations.
My question to you is: Which do you like better?

GD x Taeyang

GD and Taeyang may only have one official track together, but 'Good Boy' was amazing and took the kpop world by storm. It's actually one of my favorite of the recent Big Bang tracks.


GD&TOP are a powerhouse of hits and they've never let me down. 'Don't Go Home,' 'Knock Out,' 'High High,' and 'Zutter' are some of my faaavorite tracks and I don't know what I'd do without them.
So I know this is an impossible choice but:


Tagging my QQ people!
I'll go with GD x Taeyang. I know the full dance to "Good Boy".
Geez.... Okay. I love both duos SOO much. But I gotta give it to GD and Taeyang. I just think Taeyang's singing fits with GD's rapping SOOO well. And like @XergaB20 said, it's their long relationship and connection that tips it over the edge for me. :) I also love 'Stay With Me' ft. GD from Taeyang's 'Rise' album! :D
why can't it be all 3 😩😩 smh I have to pick GD and Taeyang. just cause I like their harmony better.
I love love love Top, I love his deep voice and his style. But I think I like GD x Taeyang more. πŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œ
even if it was only one official track, GD x Taeyang killed it, I want to hear more of this duo :) but I would have to go with GD x TOP on this one. their songs are so catchy and I like how they do different styles with each track. I feel as though Taeyang's voice fits well with rappers. the most recent one being with Song Mino "Fear".
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